Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gifts at OneWay Providence

In addition to carrying a wide-range of contemporary artwork, OneWay Providence also offers several art and design-minded items for decorating the home.

Salt & Pepper Shakers produced by imm Living and designed by Flora Lam

Peecol art toys by eboy and Kidrobot

Sinking Ship Candle Holder produced by imm Living and designed by Rob Southcott

DCI re-fill glass water bottle, dishwasher and microwave safe

Ceramic owl bank by Kikkerland Design

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Buck Hastings

We have several pieces by artist Buck Hastings available at OneWay Providence.

"Dumpster Diver" (left) & "Heart" (left)

Detail of "Heart"

Detail of "Dumpster Diver"

"Latent Energy"

Detail of "Latent Energy"

About the paintings:
"Dumpster Diver" - This oil on canvas painting was created from a paper collage, which included a camera-phone photo and a clipping from National Geographic. It was created during a period when the artist was taking time to reflect on waste and specifically, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

"Heart" - The artist used layers of paint in a similar way to using paper in a collage, utilizing masking and mono-printing to apply the oil paint. According to the artist, "the shape of the figure connotes a flag or a vessel, a coffin or a dumpster. The ground is the swamp."

"Latent Energy" - There was no initial plan or layout for this painting, but the artist makes note to "trusting the process", while embarking on a painting without a definitive ending.

About the artist:
Buck’s work is an on going exploration of nature, through picture-making. The word ‘nature,’ as a theme encompasses both the terrestrial environment and conceptions of human nature. Buck’s interest is in cycles of life and exchanges of energy, whether botanical, psychological, or industrial.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Twisted Piggie Sauce Co. @ OneWay Providence

Twisted Piggie, a BBQ sauce brand created by chef Joel Henry of East Greenwich, RI will be released this Saturday, Feb. 18th, at OneWay Gallery in Providence. The sauces are homegrown; Joel has tried to source everything locally and even sourced RI artist EVOKER to create his logo. Originating in July 2011, the sauces were created for a friend's bachelor party. The response from the party's attendees and Joel's friends and family was overwhelmingly positive, so he followed their advice and bottled all three flavors. The tasting will be held this Saturday from 6-9pm in Providence, where you can sample these delicious sauces yourself. Meat and veggie options available. All sauces are gluten free.

After the event, check out your local farmers' market in the Spring and Summer seasons to find them.

Flavors Include:
Chipotle Coffee
Cherry Habanero
"Rhody Gold" (mustard based)

OneWay Providence
231 Westminster St.
Downtown Providence

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"The Houdini Effect" :: S.W. Dinge

S.W. Dinge has several pieces up in the gallery in Providence, including "The Houdini Effect", a work created with collage and acrylic on wood. When asked about the piece, Dinge said, "... a man stands alone, in a straight jacket wondering, 'how am I going to get out of this one?'" See this and many other mixed media pieces created by Dinge at our providence location. For more information about the artist, check out this article in the East Side Monthly.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Love Song" :: Stephen Cook

Now up at the OneWay Gallery in Providence is a piece by RI artist Stephen Cook entitled "Love Song". The piece was created utilizing pure mixed pigment to give it a full range of color values and tones. Cook notes that "it is a study of composition using different tones and sweeping, aggressive markings to make up the composition. It has the look and feel like Rothko and Pollock got together and collaborated on it". If you look closely, the name "Love Song" rings true, with the details almost appearing as if one is peering into the tissue and muscle of the human heart. Come see this piece as well as the others in "Love & Sex & Hate & Heartbreak" until the end of February.

231 Westminster St.
Downtown Providence

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love & Sex & Hate & Heartbreak Preview

Here's a look at some of the work in Love & Sex & Hate & Heartbreak which opens this Saturday, February 11th from 6-9pm in Providence.

Amanda Albanese

S.W. Dinge

Josie Morway

Heather Chontos

Buck Hastings

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

S.W. Dinge in East Side Monthly

"The Houdini Effect"

"Ghost in the Headlights"

"From the Inside Out"

We wanted to draw your attention to an article in the January issue of East Side Monthly, on S.W. Dinge, a Providence artist in regular rotation at all of OneWay Gallery's locations, and whose work we have featured here on the blog.

The following is an excerpt from "Itches that Need Scratching" by Renee Doucette.

It is no secret that Providence is full of artists. While there are some visual artists who have become household names, many others remain under the radar, never seeming to get the recognition that should be due. One such artist, who goes by the pseudonym S.W. Dinge, originally hails from the Adirondacks in upstate New York. He relocated to Providence ten years ago and has been a resident on the East Side for the past four, during which time he has experienced quiet success.

As a young man out of college, Dinge moved to Boulder, Colorado with friends. Before arriving at his destination, he made a monumental decision that he was not going to play around: he wanted to be an artist and he was going to devote his life to making that happen. In Boulder, he spent his formative years as an artist immersed in his studio, experimenting and creating art while keeping his nose in a revolving stack of art books. He never expected overnight success; he made his own rules and found different ways to exhibit his work. After three years, Dinge started to see all of his hard work and devotion pay off. It was around this time he decided to move back east. Providence may not have always been the obvious choice, but it fulfilled all the requirements Dinge was looking for – and for the first time, he was not living in the mountains.

Soon after Dinge arrived in Providence, he met the crew at AS220, the art space downtown, and even though he decided against moving into their live/work loft space, he was able to start showing his work in their gallery spaces. He also started showing at the West Side restaurant, Julians. The second time he decided to hang some work there, he received an important phone call. Christian Harder, co-director of OneWay Gallery had been at brunch when he first saw Dinge’s work displayed in the restaurant and invited him to join the gallery’s roster. At the time, Harder and Stephen Cook were just starting to pull together some artists for their new gallery space in Narragansett.

To read the rest of the article please click here.

S.W. Dinge, along with a handful of other talented artists, will be in our show Love & Sex & Hate & Heartbreak, opening this Saturday, Feb. 11th at OneWay Providence, 231 Westminster St.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Art is for Suckers :: Ana Marinelli

OneWay Providence is currently featuring a hand cut linoleum print by RI artist Ana Marinelli. Marinelli studied printmaking and OneWay has long been a proponent of her work. Her print work lends itself to playfulness, which is especially depicted in this piece. The handmade technique is well executed, a representation of Marinelli's training and education. Framed, the piece measures 16.5" x 26".

OneWay Presents :: Love & Sex & Hate & Heartbreak

Just a reminder that the show Love & Sex & Hate & Heartbreak runs February 7th to March 4th at OneWay Gallery Providence. The opening reception will be this Saturday, February 11th from 6-9pm.

Artist Lineup:
Amanda Albanese
Molly Bosley
Stephen Cook
S.W. Dinge
Shawn Gilheeney
Buck Hastings
Christian Harder
Ryan McGuire
Elizabeth Novak
Islay Taylor & more

Plus Mr. Morris will be djing the event!

231 Westminster St.
Downtown Providence

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fish McGill

Fish McGill is a Boston-based artist whose work might be familiar to anyone who knows of Harmonix, the game development company responsible for Rock Band, because his illustrations often grace their website. Fish's work is fun and full of vibrant character work. The piece below, available at OneWay Providence is a small, framed painting created with watercolor, ink and gouache and is only $75.

Molly Bosley

Molly Bosley's work is influenced by images from times gone by, with her utilizing archived images and drawings to create both intricate paper cuts and mixed media artwork. The viewer is left with an inkling of nostalgia, both because her pieces look as if they were created to evoke this emotion and because the work put in by the artist is almost tangible. This tangible quality comes from the intricacies in Molly's work as well as her want to imprint the hands-on process of creating each piece. "A Thousand Pieces Gone By" and "The Burden of Responsibility" both exhibit these qualities and are available at OneWay Providence. Molly will have new work available in our upcoming exhibition, Love & Sex & Hate & Heartbreak.

More about the artist:
Molly's wanderings through the aisles of thrift stores and her diggings into yard-sale bins provide her with the raw materials from which she constructs depictions of memories that never happened. Her own memories span far more than the stretch of New England from her hometown in Massachusetts to her alma mater in Vermont, where she studied fine art and language. Molly's need to create is sustained by her hunger to learn and to experience both familiar histories and new adventures—desires which have bounced her around Europe and the Americas so far; and will undoubtedly lead her further.

"A Thousand Pieces Gone"

"The Burden of Responsibility"