Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Molly Bosley

Molly Bosley's work is influenced by images from times gone by, with her utilizing archived images and drawings to create both intricate paper cuts and mixed media artwork. The viewer is left with an inkling of nostalgia, both because her pieces look as if they were created to evoke this emotion and because the work put in by the artist is almost tangible. This tangible quality comes from the intricacies in Molly's work as well as her want to imprint the hands-on process of creating each piece. "A Thousand Pieces Gone By" and "The Burden of Responsibility" both exhibit these qualities and are available at OneWay Providence. Molly will have new work available in our upcoming exhibition, Love & Sex & Hate & Heartbreak.

More about the artist:
Molly's wanderings through the aisles of thrift stores and her diggings into yard-sale bins provide her with the raw materials from which she constructs depictions of memories that never happened. Her own memories span far more than the stretch of New England from her hometown in Massachusetts to her alma mater in Vermont, where she studied fine art and language. Molly's need to create is sustained by her hunger to learn and to experience both familiar histories and new adventures—desires which have bounced her around Europe and the Americas so far; and will undoubtedly lead her further.

"A Thousand Pieces Gone"

"The Burden of Responsibility"

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