Monday, October 3, 2011

S.W. Dinge

"Upstate" - S.W. Dinge

Born in New York but now residing in Providence, S.W. Dinge has been a long-time exhibitor with One Way Gallery. We currently have a few of his pieces in both locations, including this large-scale painting "Upstate" in Providence. The artist draws from a wide-range of influences and this piece reflects what he describes as his recent attraction to "the immediate gratification of simple, more abstract works."

We spoke to Dinge about the painting and here is what he had to say, "My attempt was to express the cold isolation one might feel while walking alone in a blizzard... I grew up in the northern section of NY state and used to love (and still do) walking in the massive snow storms and how quiet and peaceful it felt to me."

Dinge has succeeded in drawing his audience into the tranquil and encompassing feeling of a snowstorm with the texture, colors and size of "Upstate." Make sure to stop in at 231 Westminster St., Providence to experience the painting for yourself and to catch the rest of the artwork featured in the Pre-Fall Reception.

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