Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Buck Hastings

We have several pieces by artist Buck Hastings available at OneWay Providence.

"Dumpster Diver" (left) & "Heart" (left)

Detail of "Heart"

Detail of "Dumpster Diver"

"Latent Energy"

Detail of "Latent Energy"

About the paintings:
"Dumpster Diver" - This oil on canvas painting was created from a paper collage, which included a camera-phone photo and a clipping from National Geographic. It was created during a period when the artist was taking time to reflect on waste and specifically, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

"Heart" - The artist used layers of paint in a similar way to using paper in a collage, utilizing masking and mono-printing to apply the oil paint. According to the artist, "the shape of the figure connotes a flag or a vessel, a coffin or a dumpster. The ground is the swamp."

"Latent Energy" - There was no initial plan or layout for this painting, but the artist makes note to "trusting the process", while embarking on a painting without a definitive ending.

About the artist:
Buck’s work is an on going exploration of nature, through picture-making. The word ‘nature,’ as a theme encompasses both the terrestrial environment and conceptions of human nature. Buck’s interest is in cycles of life and exchanges of energy, whether botanical, psychological, or industrial.

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