Tuesday, November 29, 2011

EVOKER @ OneWay Providence

Artist EVOKER came by to paint the windows at OneWay Providence to add to the holiday cheer on Westminster Street in downtown.

Monday, November 28, 2011

"I FUCKING TRIED" :: Stephen Cook

This large piece (5'8" x 4'2") by artist Stephen Cook, is filled with movement, with the charcoal linework adding motion to this mammoth beast. The work is simplistic yet the content and the name certainly add emotion, but the use of white space lends tranquility and softness. We currently have this piece on display at OneWay Providence, so stop in and have a look.

Holiday Reception @ OneWay Providence

This Friday, December 2nd, we'll be having a Holiday Reception at OneWay Providence from 6-9pm. Our neighbors, Craftland will also be holding their Craftland Show Super Celebration Bash (what a mouthful!) from 5-9pm, so come stop into both locations and make it a fun Friday night!

OneWay Providence
231 Westminster St.
Providence, RI

Friday, November 25, 2011

OneWay Gallery in NYC

We are excited to announce that we are now exhibiting artwork in a loft space on Wall Street in NYC. Gallery owners Stephen Cook and Christian Harder made the trek to NYC last week to 75 Wall St, where they adorned the walls with OneWay artists' work. The space will be host to numerous events, like the one this past week, which featured the work of ASH NYC, a real estate staging and design firm and Italian furniture designer, Molteni.

Artwork by Christian Harder and Amanda Albanese

Artwork by Stephen Cook

Artwork by Stephen Cook

Artwork by S.W. Dinge

(from left to right) Will Cooper of ASH NYC, Gabe Keller Meyer of Corcoran Sunshine, Christian Harder, Stephen Cook, and Ari Heckman of ASH NYC

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Silver Tides Sale at OneWay Providence :: Nov. 26th

OneWay Providence will be holding another Silver Tides Jewelry Sale this Saturday, November 26th. These one of a kind jewelry pieces make beautiful, unique gifts for the holidays. The event will be held from 11-4pm, at the same time as the Providence Holiday Market, featuring gourmet gifts and handmade artwork and crafts, just across the street from the gallery at Grant's Block, 252 Westminster.

About the Artist:
Silver Tides Jewelry is hand crafted by Amber Bettez, who draws her inspiration from the beauty of her everyday surroundings in her hometown of Narragansett. Each piece is unique and whenever possible, made with local materials.

Monday, November 21, 2011

SNO :: Joseph Aaron Segal Trunk Show

A big thanks to designer Joseph Aaron Segal and to everyone who came along to StyleNight Out on Saturday night in Providence! Segal's designs were a big hit, especially his knit cat sweaters, which will surely give a fun, stylish look to a winter day.

We had a blast and hope you did too. Keep an eye out for more events coming in December!


Thursday, November 17, 2011


Artwork by David Allyn

OneWay Providence will now carry "I BUY ART" buttons sponsored by the BUY ART campaign, a city-wide advocacy initiative to spur active participation in the Providence Arts Scene. Anyone who purchases an original piece of artwork, whether it's $5 or $5,000, will receive a button which features artwork by a local artist.


StyleNight Out :: Joseph Aaron Segal Trunk Show

We will be hosting a trunk show for designer Joseph Aaron Segal as part of Providence's StyleNight Out! Come out for a fantastic night at OneWay Gallery Providence featuring artwork, drinks and fantastic designs by Segal! All of Westminster Street will be bustling with events for this exciting night in Providence, including many of our neighbors like Tazza Caffe and Craftland.

More about the artist ::
Segal is a fashion and textile designer for JAS and Pretty Snake. He specializes in hand loomed knitwear, printed and dyed textiles. He currently teaches Machine Knitting and Industrial Knitting at RISD.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Melissa Mastrangelo

Melissa Mastrangelo’s work should hit those from Providence close to home. This self-taught artist and former veterinary technician relocated from Florida back to her home state of RI to capture the industrial landscapes of Providence. According to Mastrangelo, “The piece, ‘Over the Tracks’ is a depiction of the tops of the graffiti-tagged industrial mills found in the Harris Avenue section of Olneyville and the ‘Providence Steel and Iron’ piece, with it's rusty steel gantries and cranes, are from the steel yard on Sims Ave."

"Over the Tracks"

"Providence Steel & Iron"

She goes on to say, “In both of these instances I looked up and knew immediately that I had to paint these structures. As with most of my subjects, they tend to pick me rather than the reverse. My process usually begins with walks through Providence, once a structure or landscape grabs me, I often begin with an on-site sketch and photograph. If the location is suitable I often paint a small study of the subject and use a photograph as reference in my studio for the final rendering. I am repeatedly drawn to and inspired by the grittier urban setting rather than the more typical glossy city scenes. Aside from my love and interest in rusty, decayed structures, that at one time were highly functional and useful to our well-being, I am also drawn to the cities abandoned locations because they tend to be inhabited by underground subcultures. Whether it's the graffiti writers, grass-roots organizations, or aspiring artists and musicians, there is a creative energy in these areas that feeds off itself. It excites me to challenge the viewers perception of what is worthy of putting down on canvas. The quiet structures that appear in my paintings often evoke a feeling of familiarity which draws the viewer in and forces them to take a second look at an otherwise over-looked or ignored structure. Most of my works are created using graphite, acrylic paint, spray paint, and occasionally ink.”

Mastrangelo describes her work and process so eloquently, there isn’t much left to say, other than that she has work on display at our Providence location. Please come by and take a look at these pieces by a talented and driven local artist.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Studio Dunn featured in dwell magazine

We're proud to have one of our artists featured in dwell magazine's October issue. Studio Dunn, based in Providence, is a small furniture company that creates original, hand worked hardwood designs. Their Kingstown Barstools, made from sustainably harvested hardwood, were featured in the magazine in an article showcasing home furnishings made in the USA. OneWay Providence currently carries the small size of these barstools (approx 17.5" tall) as well as other pieces by Studio Dunn.

"Theory of Relative Abundance" :: Josie Morway

OneWay Gallery Providence is featuring one of Josie Morway's large-scale paintings in our current exhibition. Josie, a graduate of RISD, often utilizes the juxtaposition of wild animals and the domestication of human society in her paintings. With an ethereal yet raw feel, Josie's oil paintings oftentimes include text, as this one does. She has a love for words, that was passed down from her father, who worked with text in signage. The combination of elements as well as her flawless technique makes this painting a beautifully stunning piece. To read more about Josie check out the Studio Miners' visit to her studio in Providence.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"AoES_03" :: Ron Hutt

This piece comes from Ron Hutt, associate professor in URI's Art Department, where he teaches courses in Digital Art and Design and is a founding member of the university's "3D Group for Interactive Visualization", a partnership between the Art and Computer Science & Statistics departments.

"AoES_03" is from Hutt's Digimorphism project and this particular piece is from the group of artwork entitled, "Animus of Earth & Sky" (AoES). According to Hutt, these paintings "are the result of a new studio practice of moving from physical paint applied with custom brushes, then to digital forms for compositional transformation, and then back again to physical paint." This piece will be part of a group of work that OneWay will be bringing to NYC to be exhibited, so if you are in the Providence area, make sure to stop in at OneWay to see this painting on display before it heads to The Big Apple.