Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"AoES_03" :: Ron Hutt

This piece comes from Ron Hutt, associate professor in URI's Art Department, where he teaches courses in Digital Art and Design and is a founding member of the university's "3D Group for Interactive Visualization", a partnership between the Art and Computer Science & Statistics departments.

"AoES_03" is from Hutt's Digimorphism project and this particular piece is from the group of artwork entitled, "Animus of Earth & Sky" (AoES). According to Hutt, these paintings "are the result of a new studio practice of moving from physical paint applied with custom brushes, then to digital forms for compositional transformation, and then back again to physical paint." This piece will be part of a group of work that OneWay will be bringing to NYC to be exhibited, so if you are in the Providence area, make sure to stop in at OneWay to see this painting on display before it heads to The Big Apple.

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