Friday, March 25, 2011

Times Article On Our Grand Reopening Night!!

March 25, 2011


NARRAGANSETT–This past Saturday as a full moon rose to glow an astounding orange over Narragansett Bay, the One Way Gallery re-opened its doors to the public for the spring, and for good. Over the winter, Curator Stephen Cook and Gallery Director Christian Harder, labored intensively to winterize the One Way, which until now was only open seasonally. They added a white, dry wall ceiling, a better heating system and of course a slew of original, inspiring works from right here in Narragansett and around the country.

“These folks really covered their bases and threw a great party,” said local art collector Abbe Lassow. The One Way is a great place to hang out, view and buy art, or simply relax. Add to that; hors d’oeuvres, wine, beer, music from DJ Sterbyrock and DJ Primitive all for free and you have a recipe for an exciting evening in Narragansett.

A diverse crowd flowed through the gallery as the night carried on.
“We’re happy to be working with such young, talented, and fresh artists," said co-owner Stephen Cook. "We like to provide the public with reasonably priced contemporary art.”

One Way is truly on the cutting edge with over 50 artists from across the US, many of whom are local, using all types of mediums from painting, and photography, to a more modern mixed media and even enamel on steel. Their website is easy to use, up to date, and loaded with info about the artists that display in their 1,500 sq ft. gallery. Large or small, the One Way has it all, and with pieces ranging from $20 to $1,600 there really is something for everyone.

The gallery also features a unique small works and gift shop that sells beautiful local hand made jewelry from Amber Bettez and Diane Rothbart, hats from Enemy (a local surf company), and limited edition clothing. There are tons of small gift items in the shop too; trinkets and toys that are functional and fun as well as paper goods such as greeting cards, artsy notebooks, pencils and pens.

“The One Way offers a place to find funky art work with out having to look for it,” said local artist and writer Jody Eyre. Eyre rents one of the nine studios located within the gallery which she had available for viewing during the opening. Inside hangs many of her somewhat abstract beach scenes and other landscapes that ooze Rhode Island all over the canvas, along with other sketches and paintings. Jody’s space was cozy and warm, breathing a country vibe into this urban building by the beach.

Cook is happy with the new space.

“We added the ceiling and painted it white so that everything really popped inside,” he said. The clean, high ceiling along with exposed beam construction and track lighting really give the gallery a warm, inviting, and spacious feel, while certain corners and walls remain red brick adding a gritty, city feel. The gallery attracts art hungry tourists from Boston, New York, LA and London so you better get in there soon before all these wonderful pieces are bought up and a whole new crop is brought in.

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